The baby step method to get you to your BIG dream!

January 11, 2017
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I find myself a little hesitant about using the word ‘dream,’ even though I did use it in my eBook titled ‘Turn Dreams Into Reality.’  When I think of dreams, I sometimes have this image in my mind of a person sitting looking up at a cloud above their head with a wondering smile of hope for the image in the cloud…that often floats away, this I personally don’t think turns dreams into reality. Action is what makes it a reality and my experience shows that the baby step method is what gets you there in the long run…pun intended 🙂

We CAN have dreams in our life that seem ridiculously HUGE. I prefer to change this word to GOAL. It sounds more real to me.

I speak of achieving goals all the time. Why? Because I personally like to help others achieve their big goals! It’s a buzz when I see it happen or receive letters about my story inspiring others to go for it! I enjoy seeing the growth in people reaching their goals, in my adventure challenge programs too.

Achieving big goals doesn’t happen in an instant. Believing in overnight success is the mistake too many people make, and that’s when they give up too soon!

The baby step method is making small achievable goals to get to your HUGE goal. But I always say, the first step is self-belief. I don’t mean to sound ‘fluffy’ but it’s really important to believe you CAN, you need to stop doubting yourself and have a positive mind set before you even start.

Remember to celebrate after each baby step achievement, it may not be a medal, find your way to celebrate, so you have something to look forward to and keep you moving forward.

Sometimes things can get in the way of your goal date you set for your baby steps, you may need to stretch out the time frame. Be prepared for things that may come along in your life that can distract you. You can get back on track when things come up, but don’t give up totally on your dream.

Stepping closer to your BIG goal, there still can be tough baby step to face. Having people cheering you on can give you more reason to keep going. Hang out with like-minded people who will encourage you all the way.

Find your reason WHY to keep you going! Focus on the goal and less on the pain. You’ll face struggles, pain, tough times, and frustrations and maybe blood sweat tears on your journey, but keep going the best you CAN.

The baby step method will give you confidence after achieving each step, to go further and keep you going and not give up, getting you closer to your big dreams that once seemed scary and HUGE!

Following your baby steps, keeping focused, working your butt off, celebrating each step achieved and believing you CAN, will get you to your big dream.

Ready! Set! Go!

The Power is in Me…it’s in You too!

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