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The amount raised through Run Donna Run!

It’s been a while, but I’m still around and haven’t fallen off the planet! I’ve been finalising things with the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation and feeling proud and grateful for the effort we have made to support the kids. It feels like a while back since I started this whole Read More

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Where are the RDR funds going exactly?

I thought it was about time we let you know where our Run Donna Run funds that we have raised are going. We have recently made a decision of what is needed to help The Royal Children’s Hospital help many children. WOO HOO! 🙂  I said to the Royal Children’s Read More

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RDR’s challenge event…we need your vote!

I am super excited to announce the details of my next challenge event! But I need your help to name the event please, but let me explain what it is about first 🙂 (Please note: there are some details left blank, that need to be confirmed). Ok, this is the very last Read More

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The Mental Game

When training this last weekend, I promised myself I would do a certain distance and fulfill that commitment. This is a pattern I make all the time, I commit to a challenge each running session before I train, also depending on the type of training, for example; hill reps, interval Read More

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It’s all in the mind

Announcing my scary goal to you a couple of weeks ago was a very big deal to me! Yes I have made the commitment of writing a book that reveals my true essence, sharing my thoughts and interpretation of my journey!

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Back in ‘blogger world’

It’s been awhile since I have written in ‘blogger world’, apologies if it appears that I have neglected you. If you have been following me at www.RunDonnaRun.com.au or www.facebook.com/RunDonnaRun you will have seen I created a running group called

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So, what’s next, Donna?

“So what’s next Donna?” This is a question that is being thrown at me repeatedly, from many of you who have been following my Run Donna Run journey. So I thought I’d write this for you all, here goes! I have been so blessed to meet so many beautiful, encouraging, Read More