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Finding your core

People ask me all the time, ‘Donna, how do you keep yourself motivated?’ My response: ‘It always comes back to my why.’ Identifying your reasons why, drives you to keep your focus. Your emotions behind your desire are very important to reach your big scary goal. Ask yourself: Why is Read More

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The Unlikely Marathoner

I’ve been busy lately, writing my book ‘The Unlikely Marathoner’ AND I’m sooo pleased to reveal that I am ready to send my manuscript to my publisher now! Woo hoo! BUT… I will have to wait now, it’s actually due in to the publisher on Jan 4 next year and Read More

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Ever stumbled?

The challenges we face when attempting big scary goals always start in our head. You know, the fears, the what ifs, or sometimes even the stumbles along the way. I’m proud to say I’ve helped many to achieve their big scary goals. But still I’ve had that mental game to Read More

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A New Adventure Challenge

Run Donna Run has been around for a few years now and I’ve had many challenges to face in this time, both personally and Run Donna Run related, and I’ve grown so much through these challenges 🙂 Through the whole process of creating a campaign, that started with sharing my Read More

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Freedom from the hidden secret

Here is a super real life inspiring story, meet Jamie Stenhouse! Jamie is an awesome 25 year old Serial Entrepreneur, who at 19 years of age started his first business, and his journey of turning his dreams into reality.

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Who or what are you surrounding yourself with?

Receiving positive feedback from my first eBook is a buzz! Thanks to ALL who contacted me after reading ‘Turn Dreams Into Reality – 9 people who challenged themself and ran with it!’ It truly is encouraging and feels great to know what I have produced has

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Ever found that some things can get in the way of your goal?

It’s funny how some things in life can creep up unexpectedly and stop you in your tracks. These last few week I have seen this occur a number of times with people around me and hey, I’ve even been there too. I speak a lot about goal setting and following Read More

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How much does that dream mean to you?

Within the last month I have spent a lot of time working on an inspirational and motivational e-book that I am absolutely keen in getting out to you. Getting this book together has been an awesome project , from cover design to content, with thoughts and

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The Mental Game

When training this last weekend, I promised myself I would do a certain distance and fulfill that commitment. This is a pattern I make all the time, I commit to a challenge each running session before I train, also depending on the type of training, for example; hill reps, interval Read More

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Looking back to move forward

Last week I wrote about time and dare I say ‘Time Management’ the term we often shy away from, thinking maybe that’s possible for someone who has a Personal Assistant 🙂 It got me thinking about time and goals that I’m