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Marathon Girl – running ‘Just for fun!’

Meet Kerry Fitzgibbon, a real life inspiring woman who wears many hats. When I asked Kerry about her profession, I didn’t realise there was more than one title she held with such passion. “First and foremost, I am the owner of ‘Marathon Girl Apparel’ and ‘Run Marathon Training.’ I started Read More

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Challenge ourselves in 2016

Happy new year! I hope you’ve had a great break over the festive season 🙂 Perhaps some of you still are! This is the time of year where we tend to make goals/new year resolutions etc. and sometimes we find ourselves disappointed or doubt ourselves ever accomplishing whatever that goal Read More

Run Donna Run, Royal Children's Hospital Foundation

Where are the RDR funds going exactly?

I thought it was about time we let you know where our Run Donna Run funds that we have raised are going. We have recently made a decision of what is needed to help The Royal Children’s Hospital help many children. WOO HOO! 🙂  I said to the Royal Children’s Read More

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RDR’s challenge event…we need your vote!

I am super excited to announce the details of my next challenge event! But I need your help to name the event please, but let me explain what it is about first 🙂 (Please note: there are some details left blank, that need to be confirmed). Ok, this is the very last Read More

Giving life a go

Meet Julio Guerra, a man with a real life inspiring story. Julio is a motor mechanic, who owns his own business and is your all round good guy. But Julio is ALSO a super awesome inspiring man who I had the pleasure to meet in the flesh in 2014. At Read More

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Carol’s invisible challenge creates a World Champion

Carol Cooke is an amazing real life inspirational story you may recognise. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, she moved to Australia in 1994. It is hard to believe Carol is nearly 54, but when you read her story it appears she has lived many lives.

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The journey to nirvana

Andrea Fairbairn is a real life inspiring story and super awesome woman who at 47 years of age has an incredible story to share. From Paraparaumu in New Zealand, Andrea is an inspiring writer, international aid & development specialist, and speaker, inspiring people all over the world through her awesome Read More

Bill Deering, Running From Stroke, Donna Campisi, Run Donna Run, Stroke Survivor

Finding his ‘normal’ in running

Bill Deering’s real life inspiring story will surely amaze you. This awesome man keeps inspiring and amazing more and more people who follow him, as he generously keeps giving us encouragement from the challenges we may face.

Nancy Liddle, Donna Campisi, Camino de Santiago in Spain

Mind over matter on Camino de Santiago

Nancy Liddle is an amazing woman, a real life inspiring story, who has taught many students over the years and now is learning more herself, through her recent inspiring challenge. Since her teenage years, the Brisbane born girl had a long term dream, to walk the Camino de Santiago in Read More

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Real life inspiring stories

I have had a few distractions lately which can sometimes tip us off the track from the direction we are travelling. Yes, I’ll admit I can fall off the track too 🙂 But have you ever noticed that part of what gives us a boost, is hearing about how others go through Read More