Who or what are you surrounding yourself with?

February 10, 2015
Donna Campisi, Who or what are you surrounding yourself with? Run Donna Run blog

Receiving positive feedback from my first eBook is a buzz! Thanks to ALL who contacted me after reading ‘Turn Dreams Into Reality – 9 people who challenged themself and ran with it!’

It truly is encouraging and feels great to know what I have produced has given inspiration and motivation to you …although, I am not going to take all the credit. For those of you who haven’t checked it out yet, you will find 8 other people who are a great part of this inspiration and motivation given to us all, when reading this book and I thank them all. Go check it out!

But this blog is more than just me rambling on about how proud I am of this inspiring eBook 🙂 It’s a reminder of the importance of who and what we surround ourselves with, are you surrounded by those who build you up or those who pull you down?

This last week I have inadvertently observed this, until now I sit and realise as I write, I have been faced with this very idea more than once. It makes me wonder now, are we always surrounded by this but not aware? Maybe…

Not only have I received positive feedback from my inspiring eBook, but also from a talk I did with a school this week with my message: ‘there’s no such thing as can’t…’ great! I also encouraged the students to encourage one another “build each other up” and be aware of those who may put you down or say “You can’t do that!” and as I always say – maybe use the “mute button on them or not hang around them as much.” This may sound harsh to some, but it truly makes a difference as to who/what you surround yourself with.

Another situation I experienced this last week was a conversation with a teacher who is planning to have me as a speaker at her school. She made an interesting point when we were discussing the needs of her students. She said my message of the ‘Power is in Me’ is something that she would like me to focus on with her students, including the negative situations we may experience. “Not every day is a happy positive day, and I want the students to realise this, especially the older ones who will be leaving this school and experiencing new challenges next year” she stated.

This is a great point! She wants them to learn from my story with the power of choice. My choices I made when facing my challenges through the stroke (I am not perfect, believe me) but I chose to not be a victim. In a classroom talk there are so many issues surrounding this topic… bullying, peer group pressure, etc.

I also experienced this with a 5 day adult training group this week, the growth and positivity shown in only the first few days of training. This was magnified by the positive energy and honest feedback shown by the trainers involved. It’s magic to watch!

It makes you think right! Who or what are you surrounding yourself with?

The Power is in Me…it’s in you too!

2 commnets on “Who or what are you surrounding yourself with?

  1. Maddie says:

    How fantastic that you got to speak at a school! How encouraging for the kids! That’s great

  2. Thanks Maddie for your feedback! 🙂 I always love speaking with young students 🙂

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