‘There’s no such thing as can’t…’

Donna Campisi, Run Donna Run, The Unlikely Marathoner, Adventurer, Author, Runner, Speaker, Inspirational Speaker

Donna’s extraordinary life is a heartfelt, inspiring story that covers topics that include:

  • Finding your WHY
  • How are you selling yourself?
  • Steps to reach your full potential
  • Resilience – Think like a kid!
  • Achieving The BIG scary goals – how to get over the finish line
  • Finding your passion
  • Women in business – the first step to achieve success
  • Speak with Donna about adapting her inspiring story to a topic of your choice


“Donna is an inspiration. Her experience of overcoming tremendous personal challenges to achieve the impossible, delivers great insight and impact. Her engaging style of presentation combined with frankness and humility has inspired me and most people I know who have had the opportunity to engage with Donna.”

Shabbir Wahid, Director, VFS Global Services


Donna’s inspiring story with her positive attitude is highly contagious, she brings warmth, laughter and a mix of emotions to any audience.
Her amazing ‘Miracle Girl’ story is about surviving a stroke when she was only eight years of age.

It is staggering that she is even here to tell her story, and her attitude of gratitude is very evident when hearing Donna talk of her journey to where she is now.

In 1978 she was known as ‘The Mystery Girl’ by the medical practitioners at the Royal Children’s Hospital, as her condition was an extremely unusual case. See Donna’s Story here

As time went on and progress was made, Donna became known as ‘The Miracle Girl’ to the amazement of the medical team.

Through her journey in life of overcoming challenges, in November 2012 Donna decided to create her own personal life changing challenge and raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital. Her new challenge was to run the Melbourne Marathon on October 13, 2013…having not run since she was 7 years old. In November 2012 she was only able to run 30 tentative steps! This is where Run Donna Run began.

Donna wanted to use this challenge to inspire and encourage others that There’s no such thing as can’t… words she learnt a long time ago that helped her along her journey.

From 30 steps to a marathon in 11 months!

Donna achieved her marathon challenge and inspires many, sharing her unique story and incredible life journey to encourage you to achieve your goals, and share her mantra The Power is in Me.

You will be moved, inspired and challenged by Donna’s story.

Donna is the perfect speaker for corporate, schools and any guest speaker event. Her audiences are varied including primary and secondary schools to young entrepreneurs and corporate to the more mature adult.

Donna delivers a presentation that will have you captivated.

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