The Unlikely Marathoner

How to conquer your big goals and run with it!

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About The Unlikely Marathoner by Donna Campisi

Have you got a BIG scary dream that you are too afraid to attempt? Maybe you’ve tried, but it seems all too difficult?

Donna Campisi reveals in her book, successful steps to get you to the finish line. Sharing valuable insights, so you CAN achieve great things in work or play, business or personal life. Offering tools for you or your organisation, needing to move forward and get closer to your BIG goal, from start to finish. 
Her heartfelt stroke to marathon story will inspire, motivate, and help you to conquer YOUR big goal.

At 7 years old Donna was named ‘The Mystery Girl,’ developing symptoms that puzzled doctors. Surviving a stroke, and other serious complications, doctors reported that she would never walk or talk again.

After amazing results of recovery, she became known as ‘The Miracle Girl’ facing a long road of rehabilitation ahead of her. Gaining strength and endurance to keep going, continually being pushed out of her comfort zone. 

Now Donna is ‘The Unlikely Marathoner.’ Her chosen challenge to learn to run again after 34 years. From only being able to run 30 tentative steps to a marathon, in 11 months, inspired many, and now revealing in her book how she made it to the finish line.

Donna’s stories from her stroke and marathon journey will capture your heart too, she likes to call these stories lessons. Her personal journey will make your heart glow through reading Donna’s experiences that may make you smile, laugh or cry, but mostly will inspire you to go get your goal.  

Known as Run Donna Run, she is an inspiring speaker, author, humanitarian, adventure & performance coach and workshop facilitator. Inspiring many people with her ‘go do it’ attitude, and working with them to achieve their BIG goals too!






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