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January 27, 2016
Kerry Fitzgibbon, Run Donna Run, Marathon Girl Shop

Meet Kerry Fitzgibbon, a real life inspiring woman who wears many hats.

When I asked Kerry about her profession, I didn’t realise there was more than one title she held with such passion. “First and foremost, I am the owner of ‘Marathon Girl Apparel’ and ‘Run Marathon Training.’ I started Run Marathon Training about 2 years ago and introduced Marathon Girl Shop in the last 12 months.”
Marathon Girl Shop tops, Kerry Fitzgibbon, Run Donna Run, Donna Campisi

The super energetic & inspiring Kerry, the woman behind the awesome Marathon Girl Shop.

“Secondly I am a Facebook Marketing Strategist, Coach, Author and Speaker.” And a mother of two beautiful children – Teaghan 8 and Kaeleb 6. “They have been running with me since they were in my belly, then I pushed them in the pram, nowadays they bike along side me whilst I run… sometimes begrudgingly.”

I found Kerry through her Marathon Girl Shop on Instagram, instantly I loved her product, so I immediately went to her online store and checked it out, to find out more. I always like to find out about the people behind a product and I was delighted with who I found! 🙂

Originally from New Zealand, Kerry moved to Australia just over 10 years ago, we both agreed that qualifies her as a local now! 😉 Currently living on the Gold Coast, Australia, less than 1km from the beach, you can guess where her favourite place is to run!

Marathon Girl Shop is an Australian business based in the Gold Coast. “We opened our online doors in early 2015. I initially sold tee-shirts through a crowdfunding site and then my supporters asked for running singlets made specifically for long distance runners so I expanded the range.”

It was easy for Kerry to come up with the perfect running top with her love of fashion and love of long distance running. “Combining the two and producing clothing that Marathon and Half Marathon runners could wear with pride, comfort and all the whilst looking good, was a dream come true for me.”

Marathon Girl Shop tops, Run Donna Run, Donna Campisi

The awesome Marathon Girl Shop tops that come in half marathon styles too!

Have you always been a business woman? Kerry responds with a laugh, “God no! I’m not actually sure I call myself a business woman now, just a woman following her dreams.”

I always love to ask for advice from those who have achieved. In this case, what advice would you give to anyone who is starting out and wanting to create their own business idea? I was impressed with the detail given in her response.

“Treat it like you would training for a marathon and know there is going to be hard work and struggles but worth it in the end.” Her basic steps:
• Firstly research to see if it will be viable. But don’t spend too much time researching.
• Sell the concept before you make it. You don’t want to spend years developing something someone might not  buy, make sure you have people wanting your business idea.
• Just go for it, don’t try and get your business idea perfect – progress is better than perfection. You can perfect  as you go along.
• Be prepared for knock-backs, setbacks and sometimes long hours of hard work. I love this quote:              “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life  like most people can’t.”

I was also delighted to hear that Kerry has been running since she was 7 years old! “I can’t imagine a life without running. I can’t thank my mother enough for introducing me to running at such a very young age. I have success in every aspect of my life because of running.”

Do you find a link with running physically and running a business that has helped you? “Totally, I am successful in business because I approach business the same as I do training and running a marathon. I have actually written a book, which will be published in the next couple of months that compares marketing a business to running a marathon.”

What’s Kerry’s current BIG goal? “Marathon Girl global domination. Seriously I want to dress every woman who runs a marathon in Marathon Girl apparel.” My hands up Kerry! 🙂

Another BIG goal is to run the Boston Marathon this year to get a time under 3:15. “I also want to run a whole heap of fun marathons around the globe in the next 12 to 24 months.”

List 3 words that describe you: “Determined, fun and strong.”

What is your favourite quote that you live by? “Never Mess with a Woman who runs 42.2km just for Fun!” Of course! Haha I love it! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story with us Kerry Fitzgibbon! 🙂

Marathon Girl Shop, Run Donna Run, Donna Campisi

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To keep up to date with Kerry, check out the following links:
Facebook Page
Instagram @marathongirlshop

The Power is in Me…it’s in You too!

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