It’s all in the mind

June 19, 2014
Mind set Run Donna Run Blog Donna Campisi

Announcing my scary goal to you a couple of weeks ago was a very big deal to me! Yes I have made the commitment of writing a book that reveals my true essence, sharing my thoughts and interpretation of my journey!

This is truly a big commitment. It’s time consuming and sometimes mind boggling as to how I am going to fit this into a legible form of interest; involving my experiences, story of determination, struggles, humour, motivation and lessons in my effort to pass on encouragement, inspiration, curiosity and hope this will guide readers into a time of reflection and motivation. I have done this many times at speaking events, but to write a book; to bring a certain voice to my pages can be a tricky mission.

For those who know me well, realise I am a person who detests being called a sufferer or a victim…eeew that really doesn’t work for me. I explain my story as a grateful survivor who just likes to get on with things and believe that there’s no such thing as can’t…

In the past I never liked to draw attention to myself regarding my stroke or diabetes, but then WHAM! Run Donna Run happened with no other reason but to raise funds for the RCH and encourage others, it was a huge personal goal too. No, I didn’t have to make a big song about it, but it just kind of grew into something I am proud to say made a positive difference and still does.

So back to the book writing dilemma, is it a dilemma or a process that I’ll grow into as the pages come to life? Yes, I write short pieces, such as my blogs, or articles where you are so wonderful to give feedback…good or bad, I am open to opinions and constructive criticism…although it’s all been good so far, thanks! 🙂

This reminds me of my first solo art exhibition a few years ago. I was revealing my work without hiding behind other artists talent, it was all me! Whilst being exciting it was scary too when I paused before opening night! Would people like it? Would they purchase my work? Would they totally bag it? Having a conversation with a friend of a pleased buyer at my exhibition; he said once he stopped painting for himself and painted what he thought would sell, that was when he actually didn’t sell! Hmm…interesting observation.

Where am I going with this? Well, it makes me think of scary challenges I’ve faced in the past, surviving a stroke, learning to walk again, changing my little sisters nappy (she probably won’t read this… 😉 ), launching a solo art exhibition, learning to run all over again (after 34 years) 30 steps to a marathon in 11 months…now writing a book… it’s written, in my mind, I just have to transform it into text.

We all have our own version of paintings, books, running a marathon, some sort of scary and exciting challenge, but do we go with “what sells” or conform to others expectations? Or go with our heart and our own PB (personal best)?

The Power is in Me…it’s in You too!