Jo’s Story: An inspiring story of weight loss and fulfilling your dreams

January 7, 2015
Jo's story - Run Donna Run

Recently I had the pleasure to catch up with an old friend who I haven’t seen for a couple of months. When we catch up its great and it feels like we just saw each other the other day…but only we have so much to share we chat flat out…I love her!

Jo and I have worked together in the past and even travelled on holidays together too. We have looked out for each other through tough times and shared plenty of good times, remembering them with huge bursts of laughter.
One thing for certain is that we are both in a really good place in our lives and this was mentioned in a congratulatory way from Jo in regard to the achievements I have made in my life even through tough times and how proud she was of me with the whole Run Donna Run achievement, I accepted this with gratitude and acknowledgement of the exciting journey I have been on and the many wonderful people who I have met through RDR.

However she spoke of achievements and how sometimes people can belittle or become jealous of achievements made. I am lucky to not have received that…

Jo has a very wonderful inspiring success story of her own, I am so proud of her and her achievement; I speak of her frequently when encouraging people in this area. Jo was once a size 26, she is now a size 10! Losing over 70kg’s! She is a super example of there’s no such thing as can’t. She is now 40 years of age and super fit and a great success story!

So how did she do it? Well firstly it was her mind set, she made the decision, she had her ‘why’ and she made a smart choice of how to go about it, and she put in the hard work.

I have spoken about baby steps many times when it comes to goals. I use my example of my scary goal to learn to run again from only 30 steps to a marathon in 11 months and the ‘baby steps’ I made to achieve that goal. This was the same with Jo. She revealed to me that she made weight loss goals: 5kg at a time in a certain space of time…a doable time. Yes, she admits she was not always successful, but she kept going and didn’t look at herself as a failure but actually looked at how far she had come from where she began and that encouraged her to move forward.

Have you ever aimed for a goal and not quite reached it at the time you planned? I sure have. But Jo kept going.

My eyes well up thinking about the strong determination and commitment she put into her goal. I am truly proud of her and her strength. Jo went through tough times when she was a size 26 even now at times she experiences tough times. What?! Yes, this is where I began in this blog about the jealousy and putting down of achievements of those who greatly succeed.

Yes, Jo has experienced that from people who once were good friends! Unfortunately I too experienced negative responses from people who I considered to be close to me, they were doubtful and not able to see that I could achieve my marathon goal.

With Jo’s story it also meant that friends who made comments in very negative ways unfortunately ended friendships due to them not being able to encourage or celebrate her success…and maybe the fear of facing their own challenges.

I share Jo’s achievement with you as I think she’s amazing and I want to pass on the message to you to NEVER GIVE UP and to encourage others you know on their successes too. This becomes a snowball effect and can create a wider community of positive minds who CAN achieve anything!

Inspiring Story about Weight Loss

Jo & I after landing from our skydive together in 2014! 🙂


The Power is in Me…it’s in you too!


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