Inspiring book of 9 people who challenged themselves and ran with it!

February 2, 2015
Turn Dreams into Reality

The e-book is out! ‘TURN DREAMS INTO REALITY – 9 people who challenged themselves and ran with it!’

Yes, my first e-book that I am very proud and honoured to share with you, as this is a book with some pretty special people in it.

This is a inspiring book of interviews with 9 awesome people, who are runners – some more experienced than others, who set themselves a huge challenge and ran with it!

This book is not just for runners though, it is a book to inspire ALL who read it. All of you who have dreams of your own, that sometimes seem unachievable. Yes, we’ve all been there. We’ve had dreams that we thought were way too big for us. This book may just change that way of thinking 🙂

The people in this book are:
• Erica King – ’12 Marathons in 12 Months’
• Matthew Eckford – ‘K’s 4 Kids Australia’
• Samantha Gash – ‘Freedom Runners’
• Sam Maguire – ‘Samsrunforcancer’
• Pat Farmer – ‘Pole to Pole Run’
• Shaun Brewster – ‘The Long Run Home’
• Clare Weatherly – ‘Octopus 10.000’
• Tristan Miller – ‘Run Like Crazy’
• Donna Campisi (me too) – ‘Run Donna Run’

Some names you may know, others may be new to you. But all will inspire and amaze you with their unique story.

All of the above runners created not only their own big challenge, but also they created their own campaign to go with it – encouraging others along the way!

I asked each person the same nine questions to reveal their own unique story, where they turned their dreams into realities. And to share their thoughts, advice, along with their what’s, how’s and whys.

Why do such a crazy challenge? Read this awesome book to find out more.

These interviews show each individual’s true strength, courage and determination that will inspire you when you read this, I’m sure.

To get your FREE copy of this inspiring e-book ‘TURN DREAMS INTO REALITY’ go to and you will see where to access it on the home page…actually, I think it’s on every page! 🙂

Ready! Set! Go!


The Power is in Me!…it’s in you too!


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