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Athena Pushing Back Harder Run Donna Run Blog Donna Campisi

Pushing Back Harder

Recently I was lucky to meet an amazing woman on a running track…Athena but was it luck? We met whilst fighting our own personal war (not with each other, but with ourselves) while running a marathon last month! Yes, I am a marathon runner! It feels great to brag about Read More

White or Colour Move? Run Donna Run Blog Donna Campisi

Black & White or Colour Movie?

Speaking with children is a delight! They’re curiosity, enthusiasm, honesty are cherishable. Recently I had the opportunity to speak with over 500 students at a primary school where I was asked to be guest speaker at their assembly.

blinkers Run Donna Run Blog Donna Campisi


The other day I had a funny situation that made me literally STOP. Going to my usual supermarket and getting out of the car and casually strolling along the street I passed a shop that was new to me, so I stopped to look at all the lovely things in Read More

PIIMP My Run Whats next? Power is in Me Program Run Donna Run Blog Donna Campisi

What’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next…

I wasn’t really over thinking what I should or would do next, it came to me after a conversation I had with the amazing Athena, who joined the RDR Team on marathon day and could not stop thanking me for encouraging her to keep going to complete the marathon. But Read More

Words have Power Run Donna Run blog Donna Campis

Words Have Power

Words can be a life changing experience for those who hear them, without one knowing that they can change a life. Words have Power! If that sounds all too obscure, let me explain.

The Power is in Me Marathon Runner Run Donna Run Donna Campisi

So, what’s next, Donna?

“So what’s next Donna?” This is a question that is being thrown at me repeatedly, from many of you who have been following my Run Donna Run journey. So I thought I’d write this for you all, here goes! I have been so blessed to meet so many beautiful, encouraging, Read More