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Nancy Liddle, Donna Campisi, Camino de Santiago in Spain

Mind over matter on Camino de Santiago

Nancy Liddle is an amazing woman, a real life inspiring story, who has taught many students over the years and now is learning more herself, through her recent inspiring challenge. Since her teenage years, the Brisbane born girl had a long term dream, to walk the Camino de Santiago in Read More

Donna Campisi,Run Donna Run blog, Jamie Stenhouse, Real life inspiring stories

Freedom from the hidden secret

Here is a super real life inspiring story, meet Jamie Stenhouse! Jamie is an awesome 25 year old Serial Entrepreneur, who at 19 years of age started his first business, and his journey of turning his dreams into reality.

inspiring stories, Run Donna Run,Donna Campisi

Real life inspiring stories

I have had a few distractions lately which can sometimes tip us off the track from the direction we are travelling. Yes, I’ll admit I can fall off the track too 🙂 But have you ever noticed that part of what gives us a boost, is hearing about how others go through Read More

Donna Campisi, Running easy…is it all in your head? Run Donna Run blog

Running easy…is it all in your head?

I noticed a girl almost glide past me the other evening when I went for a walk along the beach. She was running with what looked like an effortless motion and I wondered if I’d ever move like that with ease. It was at that moment I realised

Donna Campisi, Who or what are you surrounding yourself with? Run Donna Run blog

Who or what are you surrounding yourself with?

Receiving positive feedback from my first eBook is a buzz! Thanks to ALL who contacted me after reading ‘Turn Dreams Into Reality – 9 people who challenged themself and ran with it!’ It truly is encouraging and feels great to know what I have produced has

Turn Dreams into Reality

Inspiring book of 9 people who challenged themselves and ran with it!

The e-book is out! ‘TURN DREAMS INTO REALITY – 9 people who challenged themselves and ran with it!’ Yes, my first e-book that I am very proud and honoured to share with you, as this is a book with some pretty special people in it. This is a inspiring book Read More

Missed goal dates, Run Donna Run, Donna Campisi

Ever found that some things can get in the way of your goal?

It’s funny how some things in life can creep up unexpectedly and stop you in your tracks. These last few week I have seen this occur a number of times with people around me and hey, I’ve even been there too. I speak a lot about goal setting and following Read More

Donna Run, Donna Campisi

How much does that dream mean to you?

Within the last month I have spent a lot of time working on an inspirational and motivational e-book that I am absolutely keen in getting out to you. Getting this book together has been an awesome project , from cover design to content, with thoughts and

Jo's story - Run Donna Run

Jo’s Story: An inspiring story of weight loss and fulfilling your dreams

Recently I had the pleasure to catch up with an old friend who I haven’t seen for a couple of months. When we catch up its great and it feels like we just saw each other the other day…but only we have so much to share we chat flat out…I Read More

Be your bestfriend-Run Donna Run Blog

Be your best friend

Wow! I’ve been on this incredible journey with Run Donna Run for the past 2 years, yet the journey feels like it is just beginning. Maybe the journey is continuing to grow or perhaps I’m growing with this journey! The Run Donna Run website has just been updated, bringing a Read More