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Choosing Your Distance

It’s been said to me many times: ‘Donna, I do this…, this…and this… in my business.’ But they’re not fully certain about who they serve and what solution they are offering their client/customer. My response: ‘Having clarity in your business can sometimes be tricky to pinpoint. Many business owners want Read More

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Finding your core

People ask me all the time, ‘Donna, how do you keep yourself motivated?’ My response: ‘It always comes back to my why.’ Identifying your reasons why, drives you to keep your focus. Your emotions behind your desire are very important to reach your big scary goal. Ask yourself: Why is Read More

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Winning language

I was asked in a recent interview about the chapter in my book that covers ‘Winning Language.’ He asked me: What does this mean to me? My response: It’s about how we speak to ourselves, do we speak to ourselves in a kind way? I always use the example especially Read More

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Hump Day Stride – Melbourne walking group

Do you need the motivation to get out and move?  You always say you would like to exercise more? But never make the time? Maybe you don’t want to do it alone, and prefer to enjoy the company of others?  About a month ago, I was approached by someone through Read More

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Adventure Beyond Limits – Running, Walking & Hiking Community

I’m excited as I’ve started a new community for like minded people, from all over, who enjoy running, walking or hiking.  I only just started this group!  Feel free to take a look HERE and check out what we are up to and who we are as a group 🙂  Read More

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What is your purpose?

I recently had the pleasure of going to Mildura to spend time with family and friends (Mildura is my home town) AND also hold my very first book launch with my awesome Mildura supporters 🙂 I wanted to share this with you, as my excitement continues with the launch of Read More

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The baby step method to get you to your BIG dream!

I find myself a little hesitant about using the word ‘dream,’ even though I did use it in my eBook titled ‘Turn Dreams Into Reality.’  When I think of dreams, I sometimes have this image in my mind of a person sitting looking up at a cloud above their head Read More

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What have you done in 2016?

It’s that time of year again, where most of us think of new resolutions for the coming year and set ourselves goals and promises to keep for the new year ahead, that are bigger and better. But I like to also make time to reflect and be grateful for the Read More

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The Unlikely Marathoner

I’ve been busy lately, writing my book ‘The Unlikely Marathoner’ AND I’m sooo pleased to reveal that I am ready to send my manuscript to my publisher now! Woo hoo! BUT… I will have to wait now, it’s actually due in to the publisher on Jan 4 next year and Read More

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Ever stumbled?

The challenges we face when attempting big scary goals always start in our head. You know, the fears, the what ifs, or sometimes even the stumbles along the way. I’m proud to say I’ve helped many to achieve their big scary goals. But still I’ve had that mental game to Read More