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July 6, 2016
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Run Donna Run has been around for a few years now and I’ve had many challenges to face in this time, both personally and Run Donna Run related, and I’ve grown so much through these challenges 🙂

Through the whole process of creating a campaign, that started with sharing my personal challenge journey of learning to run again with you and raising funds for the Royal Children’s Hospitals ’Greatest needs’ (which has finished), and continuing to share my message through blogging, writing an eBook and speaking, I’ve truly enjoyed my journey so far.

There’s another area of Run Donna Run that’s close to my heart. That is inspiring and encouraging people to follow their dreams, gain confidence and achieve great goals through my adventure challenges.

We’ve already done some great adventure challenges with ‘PIIMP My Run,’ an online running training program that challenged and changed many lives of those who participated. Then there was the ‘Following for a Cause’ adventure, where a group of scared but keen participants all joined hands and hearts together to face a fear of jumping out of a plane. All participants had never skydived before and from the feedback I’ve received, this adventure challenge truly changed the lives of many who participated in facing life challenges with courage and enthusiasm. There was also ‘Run Your Own Race with RDR,’ a virtual race challenge where anyone could join from anywhere, and choose their own challenge distance to either run, walk or cycle. Another challenge that gave people confidence to move forward and achieve other personal or professional challenges in their lives.

For me personally, it has been a buzz inspiring and encouraging many people to participate and face a challenge where they learn new things about themselves, have fun, encourage each other and challenge themselves to succeed and sometimes even shock themselves or those around them! This is awesome to watch! 🙂

This brings me to my next exciting step with Run Donna Run that I’ve recently been doing a lot of planning and work on. From the awesome feedback that I’ve received from participants (and even their family members) who’ve joined in my group challenges, I’ve recently decided that I want to continue more adventure challenges, by inspiring and encouraging people to follow their dreams and turn them into a reality, by participating in my adventure challenge programs and workshops.

I thought I should perhaps come up with a name for my future adventure programs, and the appropriate name I came up with is ‘ADVENTURE BEYOND LIMITS.’ I love it! I hope you do too 🙂

We set amazing challenges to bring you courage to achieve!

‘Adventure Beyond Limits’ is about resilience, achievement, independence, pleasure and getting out of your comfort zone.

Most of all though, it’s about how to CHALLENGE YOURSELF. How to turn your BIG scary dream into a REALITY!

I encourage you to keep following me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my Website and look out for my blog posts to hear about the next exciting ‘Adventure Beyond Limits’ challenges and workshops that are coming up soon.

Stay tuned, stay well and stay awesome!

The Power is in Me…it’s in You too!


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