The 7 Steps to get your dream business up and running FREE webinar - with Donna Campisi!

This webinar will provide you with the steps that Donna has used herself, and with many people, to help you be ready for your dream business to be up and running!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 8pm AEDT

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  • Do you know where to start in your dream business?
  • You have a dream to start your own business but don’t have full clarity?
  • Maybe you don’t know how to move from a comfortable 9-5 job, to making the plunge into an unknown world of being an entrepreneur?
  • You have a wild wonderful imaginable entrepreneurial mind, but don’t know where to direct it to, exactly, and how to get started?
  • You feel like you have a great idea, but lack knowledge in business?
  • You doubt yourself, and allow others to doubt you too?
  • Maybe you’re uncertain of what your friends and family will think or say? Will they be supportive? Will you be ready to tell people?
  • Do you need an accountability buddy, or mentor, or network of like-minded entrepreneurs?
  • Do you have a plan to get your business started?

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Donna has conquered amazing personal and professional goals of her own, and helped many to achieve their big goals too, through her coaching, mentoring, training, and her books!

Donna’s background in business development, training, life coaching, campaign creation and an expert in conquering her own big challenges, has led her into coaching people, to get their dream business up and running!

Donna is a woman who takes a challenge and believes it is achievable when broken into ‘baby steps’ and having the right mindset. She explains with confidence: ‘Don’t just take opportunities when they come… Create opportunities!’


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‘Donna’s ‘7 Steps to Get Your Business Up and Running’ workshop was a very informative workshop that gave me a very clear structure and method to follow in order to get my business up and running. I loved that fact that everything was so clear and the information was presented in such an articulate manner. Thanks for inspiring me and helping me Donna.’

Scott B Harris - Professional Speaker and Resilience Expert

‘Donna's 7 steps to get your business up and running workshop was just what I needed for the pieces of my business puzzle to fall into place. "The Baby Step Method" has soothed my work overload overwhelm by simplifying and chunking down my weekly plan and IMPLEMENTING Actions!!! Thank you Donna, you continue to inspire me every single time we meet.’

Sue McVeigh - Photographer

'It’s really good! What I’ve taken away is that you’ve really got to find what your niche is, and really drill down deep and find what you’re doing and what value you’re giving people, your customers, and stepping through each of the steps, and finding your distance of where you have to go next. Taking the baby steps and working up toward that marathon in business.'


Sean Nicholas O’Leary

‘The step that resonates most with me was with getting clarity. The simple steps to work out who you are, what your message is, where you want to go. Getting your message across about you are and what you do, rather than how you do it, but, this is what I do and the rest comes later.’


Kerry Alderuccio

‘My biggest take away is to have absolute clarity on my title. For me I know it’s important to have a title that relates to the bigger picture of what I’m about. I think the idea of having some sort of map and direction is important.’


John Salton